Monday, September 4, 2017

Can We Use Kali Linux for Regular Daily Use ?

Penetration Testers, Cyber Security Researchers, IT Security Consultants, Script Kiddies most of them use Kali Linux and more. Kali Linux is a Debian-Based Special Made Distribution by Offensive Security for Penetration Testing Purpose.

This Linux distribution, is one of the top distros for hacking, it's very well known in the field. It has gained more fans by some books and certifications that are based on it, like OSCP, OSCE and more.

Absolutely, after all it is Debian-Testing with a pre-enabled root account and pre-installed and configured Hacking & Penetration Testing Toolkits. I would say stay away from working in root especially if you are using it as regular daily use Operating System, and make your self a separate Admin Acount. Yes you will have to use Su or Sudo into root for updates and installs however it is fully functional as a Daily OS.

Since I have completely wiped Windows out of my life only to use it as a VM if and when I need doing some Windows Reverse Engineering Stuff, or Malware Analysis... For my daily use I use a special made linux distribution that has the most awesome suite for Office which is LibreOffice for me it's better than a shitty paid Microsoft Office. There is Firefox, VLC, Kazam and many more stuff that can let you stick in Linux (FREE & OPEN SOURCE).

Kali Linux is LINUX so it can be customized and that's normal for a Linux Distro. So If you like a challenge and to learn something completely different then go for it. Just so you know you will be doing a lot of Googling and you will break the system a few times before you get it right but that's good to discover your system more!

So, as a final answer for this question; I would say Yes & NO. It depends on you buddy :-)
It can be used as Daily System and do the same as i said, but Offensive Security the Official Creator said it's an Advanced PenTesting Distro, so use it in Hacking not in Daily Use.

Good Luck learning and working with Kali Linux! Happy Hacking 😎